Mobile Accessories From To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter
Dec 06 2021 Pinnacle Avenue

Mobile Accessories From To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

As each year passes by, smartphones are getting smarter and smarter. With the introduction of new technology, updates and upgrades never stop. If you have the latest smartphone, then you need an equally upgraded mobile accessory that complements it perfectly.

Even if you have a phone that has been your companion for a long time now, then you need a mobile accessory that can upgrade it a little. Well, you need to visit Here you will find the most amazing and latest smartphone accessories.

Here are some of the amazing and latest mobile accessories from to make your smartphone even smarter.


Fast Wireless Charger


The world has left the tangled mess of wires behind, and you should too. Take your first step to the wireless world by getting this awesome and super fast wireless charger. Amazingly designed by experts for a truly smart charging experience.


It is a smart three in one charger that is perfect for charging not one but three different devices at the same time in an elegant manner. It is suitable for charging smartphones, iWatch, and aripodes. Visit the product page to know more about its supported accessories and phones.


TANTRA Smart Video Recorder


Everyone’s a creator, and everyone can be a creator. If your head is full of great ideas, then you need to start putting them to use, and for that, you need this TANTRA Smart Video Recorder with auto sensor and face tracking.


It has many amazing features like 60° horizontally 45° vertically auto-rotation face tracking. In addition to great features, it does not need any additional apps on your phone. Isn't it truly fascinating?

Visit the product page now to know more about this amazing gadget.


TANTRA Mobile Stand


The amazing qualities of this accessory does not lie in its features but more in its design. It has a wonderful design that provides the perfect accessibility for your smartphone. This TANTRA mobile stand for iPhone, Google pixel, Samsung, and other major smartphones provide you with a perfect way to consume content.

So be hands-free and enjoy watching videos, reading, video calling, and other things you love doing on your phone without hurting your hands. It is a premium quality mobile stand to keep your smartphone in a landscape position.


Mobile Holder for Two Wheelers


Mobile holder for scooter and scooty can be a big help and is a must for every avid rider. Well, this mobile holder from is not any ordinary mobile holder. It is smart just like your smartphone.


It provides an easy plug and play, along with easy installation. It has many amazing features. It is waterproof and damage proof, which provides you with a sense of security even during bad weather. To reach anywhere on time with navigations/maps on the go. Head over to the product page to add this awesome mobile stand for scooty and scooter in your cart.


Fast Wall Charger


Keep your phone always charged with this amazing fast wall charger. It provides a safe and quick way to charge your devices. This single USB 2.0 amp charger fast wall charger provides better battery efficiency and saves you a lot of time and hassle.


TANTRA Rockstar Wired Super Bass Headphone


Let’s end this list with the coolest and a must-have smartphone accessory. This TATRA Rockstar wired super bass headphone is truly smart and amazing. With this, you can have a wonderful experience while listening to your favourite tunes.

It is packed with great features like higher vocal clarity and deeper bass. It has high definition built-in sound engines for crisp and clear vocals with a bass that will definitely make you groove.


All these amazing smartphone accessories are exclusively available on So stop waiting and grab them up before they go out of stock.